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5 Benefits of Installing a Pool Enclosure

5 benefits installing pool enclosure

Pools are a hot commodity here in Florida—there just isn’t anything that compares to the luxury of walking out your back door and slipping into that cool, relaxing water. If your pool is enclosed for privacy, that makes it even better! A favorite gathering spot for family and friends—it’s the perfect environment for creating a multitude of lasting memories. 

Florida law requires that swimming pools—other than the portable shallow “kiddie” pools—be fenced in for safety’s sake. No one wants to risk an unattended child wandering into the yard and falling in the swimming pool! Or, what if your neighbor’s pet escaped for a jaunt around the neighborhood… it would be horrific to discover that they’d made their way into your pool and couldn’t get out again. 

According to the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act (Chapter 515, Florida Statutes), which became law in 2009, all outdoor swimming pools must have a 4-foot fence or another barrier around the outer perimeter with no gaps or openings that could allow a small child access. 

Standard pool fencing is by far the most often used method but there’s another option that is growing in popularity.

Privacy screen is making the scene

While having a backyard pool is definitely a luxury, there are undoubtedly times that they can seem a little more open to the public than we’d like—during a family birthday celebration for instance. You can’t possibly invite all the neighbors, right? Or, maybe you have that one neighbor who likes to keep a little too close of an eye on the happenings over in your yard… 

Constructing your pool enclosure using privacy screens rather than traditional fencing creates an illusion of privacy that will transform your outdoor living space into one resembling a private get-away spot. That’s especially true if you look for a company that customizes its screens using digital imagery.

The transformation of the space is nothing short of amazing and truly affects the overall feel of the area. Love the beach? You’ll feel your sitting seaside every day watching as the waves rush toward the shore in the distance. Or perhaps you’ll surround yourself with imagery of a vibrantly colored garden… the possibilities are literally endless!

Beauty coupled with an element of privacy aren’t the only benefits you’ll gain though. Others include:

A spot of shade

Surrounding your pool with privacy screens partially protect your family from harmful ultraviolet (UV) light because they provide a degree of shade. That means you won’t need to worry about slathering sunscreen on the kids as often. In turn, they won’t be driving you crazy begging you to let them go back in before it’s had time to dry. 

Furthermore, in addition to providing up to 75% more privacy than standard screens, porous mesh screens allow free air flow. That equals a space that is far less susceptible to moisture issues that lead to mold and mildew problems.

Pest and debris free

Florida has its share of wildlife and it’s not unheard of for snakes, lizards, frogs, mice, and other creatures to be attracted to the water in your pool. Once they find their way in, they don’t always make it out again. That’s never a pleasant experience—

Leaves and other yard debris aren’t as unsettling as a lifeless animal, still it’s no fun cleaning out the pool after a storm. They can blow up so quickly that nobody has time to get the pool covered every single time. And, once debris settles at the bottom, it begins to decompose immediately which further complicates things.

A pool enclosure constructed from privacy screens forms a barrier that blocks dirt and debris from reaching your pool so you’ll spend less time skimming and more time in the water with your family.

What bugs?

Okay, so you may not completely forget that our tropical climate is perfect for breeding all types of bugs… but you will notice the fact that they aren’t invading your space any longer.

A privacy screen pool enclosure keeps bugs out—even when they’ve been attracted by lights at night and seek entry relentlessly. Your days—and nights—spent continuously swatting at annoying insects will be behind you forever once your privacy screen pool enclosure is in place.

Don’t fence me in

Glass pool enclosures are sometimes referred to as “pool cages” because they can cause some people to become claustrophobic inside the totally enclosed space. And, with no ventilation, glass pool enclosures promote the growth of mold and mildew.

Mesh screen enclosures allow for the free air flow factor which helps people deal with their feelings of claustrophobia. And, it’s far less likely you’ll have problems with fungi getting a foothold. Additionally, if you choose to work with a company that offers the customization feature, you can completely transform your space. You will be amazed at what a difference adding imagery makes in the feel of your surroundings.

Furthermore, if you can incorporate your patio or lanai into the enclosed area as well… wow! Talk about a backyard retreat! You won’t be worrying about anyone feeling “caged.” As a matter of fact, it may be hard to get them to leave if they feel as if they’re visiting their favorite resort every time they walk out your back door.

Sounds great, right?

It’s no wonder that you’re considering switching from traditional pool fencing to a privacy screen enclosure. They’re a required safety feature and must meet Florida law requirements.

Screen enclosures provide these additional advantages:

  • A sense of privacy
  • Provide some shade
  • Block debris and keep animals from finding their way to the water
  • Keep bugs out—even the tiny ones
  • Durable

Because of their durability, privacy screen enclosures are very cost-effective. They are very low maintenance—use a bucket of soapy water and a scrub brush or a power washer to clean them periodically. 

While we’re on the subject, it’s noteworthy to mention that while installing a pool or a pool enclosure increases property value to an extent, it’s unlikely that you would ever recover the entire installation cost. However, a well-maintained swimming pool can make or break a buyer’s decision to choose your home. So, it’s not likely that your home will be sitting on the market for very long.

The odds are that you’ll be putting your home for sale at some point in the future. In the meantime, though, your backyard pool is sure to be a favorite summertime hangout. You’ll be busy frolicking in the pool with family and friends and making memories for years to come.