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27 Brilliant Gazebo Lighting Ideas

gazebo lighting

During the day, your gazebo is a fantastic place to relax but what happens when the sun sets? You can turn your gazebo into an evening getaway with the right lighting. Lighting your gazebo is not as difficult as it sounds. Below are some amazing outdoor gazebo lighting ideas that you should definitely try.

1. String lights

You can use string lights to illuminate your gazebo by wrapping them around the railing or hang them from the roof. To add a vintage flair, you can choose to us Edison bulbs.

2. Lanterns on a shepherd hook

Lanterns can add a pop of color against the green backgrounds. You can have fun with the lanterns and hang them from a shepherd’s hood in specific locations around the gazebo.

3. Fire pit

Gathering around the fire pit during the night and listening to the crackling sound of fire is always fun. The fire pit does not only illuminate the gazebo but also warms it up during the chilly nights.

4. Candles

You can arrange candle on the side table to achieve a dramatic effect. Candles provide light with a soft glow helping you achieve a romantic setting. You can opt for flameless LED candles that provide the same effect but without the safety concerns.

5. Solar lights

Solar lights offer another option of lighting up your gazebo. They are energy efficient and more convenient since you do not have to change the bulb.

6. Chandeliers

Chandeliers have become a popular option for lighting up the gazebo. They are also versatile because you can hang them at the entrance way or in the middle of the gazebo ceiling.

7. Up-lighting

Up-lighting around the gazebo so that the light falls inside is an amazing idea. It not only illuminates the structure but also provides light in the gazebo.

8. Hanging lights

You can choose to hang them inside the gazebo or around the edges. Either way they give a beautiful falling effect. When it is windy they might sway with the wind giving a beautiful effect.

9. LED ribbon lighting

LED ribbons offer hassle free and low cost lighting to your gazebo. The ribbon can be attached to almost anything and you can even cut it and shape it according to your desires with ease.

10. Fairy lights

You might think that you do not want your gazebo to look like a Christmas tree, as long as you do not over do the fairy lights you will have perfect lighting. They give your gazebo a warm cozy feeling.

11. Globe lights

Globe lights give your gazebo a subtle light effect. They come in sets and with a hook. Meaning you can temporarily arrange them to your liking.

12. Tiki torches

Torches can help you define your outdoor space. You can add dramatic eye level lights to your gazebo. Be creative and make your own wine bottle tiki torches.

13. Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt features a beautiful pink hue and it has many benefits that just what meets the eye. You can place several salt lamps around the gazebo to light it up.

14. LED fireworks bulb

The vintage LED firework bulb give a unique look to any light fixture you might use on your gazebo or even on a light string. They create a captivating display visible from whichever side.

15. Pendant lighting

You can add a dash of fun to your gazebo using pendant lighting. Pendants come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose what reflects your preferences best.

16. Bottle lighting

Put your old wine bottles to use with this easy do-it-yourself lighting. All you have to do is place string lights in the bottle, hung them around the gazebo and that’s it. It looks like having lightning bugs in a bottle.

17. Cotton candy LED sticks

If you do not need plenty of light in your gazebo you can try this out. Use real cotton candy and a glow stick. How amazing is it to have edible lighting solutions?

18. Sparkle balls

Sparkle balls are made from clear disposable caps glued together to form a ball. Then LED fairly lights are inserted into the cups to illuminate the gazebo.

19. Lampshades

You can use opaque lampshades so it casts a soft light on you while directing majority of the light onto the floor and ceiling. Make use of table top lamps if you so wish.

20. Vintage marquee lighting

This is inspired by the glittering broad way lights. Marquee lighting brings style and moody lighting to your outdoor space.

21. Carved calabash lamps

If you wish to add a personal touch to your gazebo, carve a calabash to your preferred design and use it as a lamp. The shadows formed from the design will be breath taking.

22. Paper starburst pendant light

This is a perfect do it yourself project. Cut stripes of paper and then glue them together to form a pendant. You can hand it from the gazebo ceiling to form a beautiful pendant light.

23. Gold tipped feather lampshade

For this you will need a couple of white feathers. Use spray paint on the tips and sprinkle glitter on the tips. Using a wire tie each feather together along a lamp shade frame. You will achieve a beautiful and unique lamp for your gazebo.

24. Galvanized bucket light fixture

Transform inexpensive galvanized washtubs into rustic pendant lights for your outdoor space.

25. Woven rope pendant

Achieve this beautiful woven rope pendant using sisal rope and a hanging planter basket.

26. Lantern styled wine bottle pendant

Instead of throwing your wine bottles away, make a pendant out of it. Hang it from the gazebo ceiling to add drama and elegance to your outdoor space.

27. Paper orb lights

Using everyday items such as cupcake liners and glue you can achieve a beautiful paper orb hanging from your gazebo ceiling.

There are plenty of ways to light up your gazebo. You do not have to go the traditional way using lanterns and candles. Be unique and create your own light fixtures. Play with your imagination and express your creativity.