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What’s the Cost of an In-Ground Pool

cost installing in-ground pool

Some homeowners who live here in Florida view a backyard pool as being a necessity rather than a luxury. The cost of an in-ground pool can vary greatly depending on factors such as size and materials used. Experts say that the cost of installing a pool in your backyard ranges between $50 and $125 per square foot. Also, if there are other features, say a hot tub, for instance, the cost increases by around $6,000.

Options for installing your pool include working with a pool company that handles everything from excavation to decking or purchasing a pool package for an in-ground pool and planning who will do the work yourself.

Purchasing a pool package vs DIY

Pool packages offer homeowners the option of hiring out the different aspects of the job, such as hiring a contractor to excavate the ground and someone else to actually install the pool, then, handing off decking to a professional in that field. Some, who have experience in specific areas of construction, even choose to handle parts of the installation themselves.

It’s usually less expensive to purchase the package than to hire a company that specializes in overall builds. However, it will still be an expensive project. You will need to pay for the pool shell, rent excavation equipment—or hire someone to complete the dig—backfill material, plumbing and heating materials, and other pool equipment necessary to complete your pool. Due diligence in figuring out what these things will cost and how to most economically handle each aspect of the project will help you save as much as possible.

Overall, if you aren’t an experienced pool installer, we lean more toward hiring an expert rather than tackling the job yourself. Even if you only plan to break down the aspects of the job and have someone else come in to handle the work, getting everything to flow together seamlessly is important. You don’t want any cracks in the process that will equal leaks when it’s all said and done.

Cost saving tips

There are ways to cut costs when installing an inground pool.

Some things to consider are:

  • Get multiple quotes—Do so whether hiring a company to do the job or purchasing a pool kit.
  • Choose a basic design—A basic rectangle shape will be the least expensive to dig.
  • Consider what type of pool you will install—Fiberglass pools are usually less expensive than concrete or a vinyl liner.
  • Opt for a smaller pool—It’s tempting to go all out, but smaller pools allow for creating amazing family time and memory making too.
  • Consider your long-term costs—Things such as maintenance costs, energy use, and insurance all impact your budget.
  • Maintain your pool—This is the best way to get the full value out of your in-ground pool and will help prevent costly repairs in the future. You’re extending the life of your pool when you keep up with routine maintenance.

Enhance your pool time

If you hadn’t considered enclosing your pool area, we’d like to present you with some reasons why it’s worthwhile. Mesh screen enclosures are measurably less expensive than glass enclosures.

Benefits that you’re family will enjoy include the following.

Added privacy

Even though mesh screen pool enclosures don’t completely block the view from the outside in, they do add a measure of privacy. Actually, added privacy is the number one reason that homeowners give for enclosing the pool area. Moreover, many of those that didn’t say that had they realized the difference, they’d have enclosed the space much sooner!

No more bug bites

When you install a mesh pool enclosure bugs are banned from entering the space. All manner of bugs… mosquitoes and noseeums included.

Your pool stays cleaner

If a storm blows up without warning and the pool is uncovered, no worries! Your pool enclosure keeps dirt and debris out of the water and in the yard. You’ll be able to head out with the kids when the sun pops out without the skimmer in your hand.

U/V protection

Mesh screen enclosures don’t entirely block the sun, but they do filter the rays so they aren’t as intense. You won’t be pulling the kids out of the pool as often to reapply sunscreen. Which may, in turn, cause your popsicle supply to last longer! Are we right?

Safety feature

When you don’t want kids or pets around the pool, simply lock the door.

Overall, pools are a plus

Though it may be tempting to cut costs and do all or part of the installation yourself, if you aren’t experienced in the field of pool construction, it’s probably best to hire a pool contractor to handle the job. Gather estimates—we recommend at least three—and decide amongst them which company you will choose to work with.

Enclosing the pool area offers your family the added benefits of privacy, a degree of UV protection, and a bug-free environment. Mesh screen enclosures are easier on the budget than glass enclosures. What’s more, screen enclosures prevent mold and mildew growth because air is continuously flowing throughout the area.

Your family and friends will enjoy time spent in your new in-ground pool for years to come. That thought makes committing to the cost a whole lot easier. And, if you ever decide to sell, a well-maintained swimming pool increases the value of your home. Moreover, pools are a huge selling point.