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Decorating Your Outdoor Screen Enclosure on a Dime

decorating outdoor screen enclosure on a budget

Outdoor living rooms are all the rage here in Florida. And, why not? When you live in a tropical paradise, spending time outdoors year around is definitely one of the perks! If your outdoor living area still consists of a splintery wooden picnic table and some hand-me-down wicker seating or foldable lawn chairs that saw their better days pass a couple of years ago, maybe it’s time to consider sprucing up the place with an outdoor screen enclosure.

They’re affordable. Moreover, when you consider the additional benefits that an outdoor screen enclosure provides, you may decide the cost balances out nicely.

The pros outweigh the cons

We’re certain that there are more pros to installing an outdoor screen enclosure than cons. It was a no-brainer on our part because we honestly can’t think of one reason not to enclose your outdoor living space. The added perks speak for themselves!

They are:

• An added sense of privacy—It’s the number one reason that homeowners decide to enclose their outdoor living area.
• Keep bugs away—The intricately woven screens keep all manner of bugs—no-see-ums included—and mosquitoes away from you and your family. Can you imagine what that’s going to be like?
• Debris blocker—The entire area will stay clear of storm and yard debris.
• UV protection—While they don’t block skin-damaging ultraviolet rays by 100%, installing an outdoor screen enclosure does block them to a degree. Living in Florida, you know that shade is never a bad thing!
• Safety—When you create an enclosed outdoor living space, you have a safe area for small children to play outdoors without having to worry about them wandering off if you get distracted. The same goes for your pets, of course.

Decorating on a dime

Your screen enclosure will define the space by providing the walls and ceiling for your outdoor living room. The floor needs to be on level ground and could be created with any number of materials. Concrete, stone, pavers, astroturf—okay, that one might be a stretch, but, hey, to each his own, right? Whatever you decide to put down, just make sure the area is level before you begin. Not doing so is likely to cause drainage issues.

Once the room is created, the furnishings and decor will complete the space.

This would be a good time to mention the fact that some companies offer their customers a customization feature that you might want to take advantage of. Any digital image can be reproduced on the screens themselves. You can literally create the sensation of being on the beach, in the mountains, or perhaps surrounded by a lush, tropical garden.

The ambiance will be even more captivating once you add the finishing touches.

DIY and save big

If you love to create, your new outdoor screen enclosure will give you a blank canvas… unless you customized it, of course. If you’re a DIY carpenter, building your own furniture could save you a considerable amount of cash. Especially, if you consider using cheap materials, such as wood shipping pallets!

What about building a concrete block bench? A couple of rows of cement blocks, a little mortar, customize a seat cushion, and add a few throw pillows. Voilà!

If you own a sewing machine, making throw pillows for your new furniture would be an easy project. You can probably knock them out in no time! And, the money you’d save could be used to purchase a tabletop fountain—or building a water wall is another inexpensive project for experienced DIY’ers you might want to consider.

Eclectic is easy

Shopping at thrift stores or flea markets can be a treasure trove if you’re all about collecting—well, anything that suits your fancy, actually. You can’t go wrong with an eclectic mix of items that flows together into comfy, cozy, right?

Potting plants in pails

We weren’t shooting for a tongue twister-type heading, but dare you to say it three times fast. Whether you gave it a go or not, you might want to run with the idea.

Gathering a mix of pails, buckets, or other unique containers to use for plants is an inexpensive, yet eye-catching, way to display your greenery. You might want to consider choosing low-maintenance plants, too, by the way. It gives you more time for relaxing in the long run.

Gathering around the grill?

If your outdoor living space includes a kitchen… we’re jealous!

Seriously, though, if you’re adding a kitchen, it might be a good idea to wait until the “off” season to purchase one. Even though we really don’t suffer through a winter season, stuff goes on sale! Keep an eye on the grill set up of your dreams. You’ll probably watch the price start to drop after Labor Day.

And, if you’re shopping online, lots of sites offer free shipping on major purchases. That makes the deal even sweeter.

A dime a dozen? No way.

Whether your outdoor living area is large or small, a gazebo or lanai, it’s possible to create a get-away spot that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for years to come. And you don’t have to break the bank to do it!

Enclosing the space with customized screens can make it seem as if you’re stepping into a vacation every time you walk through the doorway. It’s affordable and when you consider the added benefits they provide, it’s even more so!

We repeat—imagine hanging outside in the evening without being plagued by bugs and mosquitoes!

Your decor and furnishings can be homemade. If you are shopping for your items, wise judgment and patience can pay off in huge savings.

When your new outdoor living room is complete, it’s likely to become everyone’s new favorite spot! Which bodes well for lots of family togetherness.