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Do Mesh Screen Enclosures Block UV Rays?

do mesh screen enclosures block UV rays

It’s the worst when we forget to reapply the sunscreen and let the kids get a burn when they’re playing on the porch or out at the pool. Mesh screen enclosures make more of a difference than many people think. They provide your family with UV protection—and lots more.

Sunscreen is a necessity if you plan to be outdoors for any length of time around here. You’d think we’d never forget its importance living in a subtropical climate! Life happens though, yeah?

Too much exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays will damage the skin. Worse than peeling off a layer of skin, continued exposure to the sun results in permanent damage and, even, skin cancers.

It’s highly beneficial for our immune systems in small doses though because it provides us with vitamin D. And, of course, a healthy tan comes with the territory too—but, you don’t want to wind up looking like a piece of dried leather at some point down the road.

Mesh screen enclosures provide an element of shade for you, your family, and your friends when enjoying time outdoors. Depending on the type of screen that you install, you have a varied degree of UV protection. The solar-ready screens are designed to block the UV rays so they don’t reach the skin.

Mesh screen enclosures keep the temperature of your home cooler too. If the sun isn’t heating up the surface temperature of your outdoor living space, it’s not going to radiate through them and into your home. And, you won’t be driven inside every time it rains or the wind picks up either.

Growing in popularity

Mesh screen enclosures have been used to enclose porches, lanais, and, even, gazebos for years. People living in the south, especially, realized the value of keeping the bugs and mosquitoes away a long time ago.

However, mesh screen pool enclosures have continued to grow in popularity—especially here in Florida. Back in the day, glass pool enclosures were the norm, but many people report feeling claustrophobic after a time. No one likes to suffer from that feeling of being closed in and it affected their swimming experience in a negative way.

That’s because many people are susceptible to feeling claustrophobic when there isn’t any free-flowing air circulating in the enclosure. Glass enclosures, unless they have a built-in ventilation system, which gets expensive pretty quickly, block airflow which, in addition to causing feelings of claustrophobia in some, traps moisture inside.

When that happens, you can expect mold and mildew to get a foothold somewhere. The stuff thrives here thanks to the hot, humid conditions. Keep an eye out in crevices and corners. Left unchecked it continues to spread and can, eventually, cause health issues for you and your pets.

Mesh screen enclosures allow free airflow, which, in turn, drys everything out. It’s far less likely mold will be a problem. It prevents the feeling of being cooped up too, even if there doesn’t appear to be a breeze blowing at all. Thanks to the balance of nature, our bodies just know the difference and respond accordingly.

Privacy is the main reason

You might love your neighbors, but it would be nice to be able to walk out the back door and into your own private getaway, wouldn’t it?

Even though the structure itself provides a sense of privacy, glass enclosures don’t provide it in as strong a sense as screen pool enclosures do. Mesh screen enclosures are available in a variety of colors—of course, darker colors would afford you the most privacy.

Some companies, like ours, for instance, provide their customers with a customization option. Using UV-resistant dyes and digital imagery, they create an image on the screens using a picture from the customer’s personal library. Think about the possibilities there for a minute. Love the beach? What about enclosing yourself in a beautiful garden—on a mountain top—or in the depths of a tropical rainforest?

Wherever your favorite spot on earth is, you’ll feel like you’ve arrived every time you step through the doorway.

Added benefits

We’ve mentioned the bug factor and that’s huge! We’ve all been driven indoors by droves of mosquitoes unless we coat every inch of our bodies—or so it seems—with repellant. Night swims will become an entirely new experience when they can’t get through the screen.

We’ve covered the fact that you’ll be getting some shade so you won’t be reapplying sunscreen as often. If you’re enclosing your pool that’s going to affect how clean the pool stays. Sunscreen adds to the “ring around the pool” problem for sure!

The screens will help you maintain your chlorine levels longer too and the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly either.

Never again will you have a moment of panic if you’re away from home and an unexpected storm blows up. Mesh screen pool enclosures keep dirt and debris from getting in when the wind picks up. Actually, it’s going to cut down on the time spent cleaning the pool, overall.

Lastly, but still important, of course, you’ll be adding an element of safety. Mesh screen enclosures meet Florida’s strict residential pool regulations. You won’t have to worry about kids—or pets—falling into the water and not being able to get out again. And, that says the same for other creatures—like frogs and snakes.

Block UV rays and more

If you’ve been considering a mesh screen enclosure, now is the time to make your move.

You’ll be enjoying your outdoor living space or pool area more than ever because:

• You’ll have some protection from UV rays.
• They provide more privacy.
• You won’t be fighting off the bugs.
• The pool stays cleaner.
• They meet safety regulations.

Most contractors provide you with a free estimate. We recommend that you get at least three so that you can make a fair comparison before you choose who you’ll hire.

Once the job is complete, you and your family will be enjoying the space for years to come.

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