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Ensure You Get the Best Pool Enclosure

ensure you get best pool enclosure

There are lots of reasons that homeowners decide to install a pool enclosure. Privacy is the number one reason given and, undoubtedly, you can imagine why. With neighbors to the sides and back of you, it’s hard not to feel like you’re on display sometimes. Especially if there’s a party going on in your backyard. Or if there isn’t a pool next door, you may have to… well… try to ignore the kids who always seem to be looking longingly in your direction. And, if they’re constantly standing right there at the fence… oh, man.

We’ll hope you don’t have to endure that experience… but are sure that if you do, the kids get to swim now and then. Maybe the bugs are driving you crazy. Mesh screen pool enclosures block all manner of bugs… including mosquitoes and noseeums. Experiencing pool time bug-free in Florida is worth investing in for many of us!

Other benefits include:

  • A degree of shade
  • Keeps children and pets safe outdoors
  • Keeps the pool cleaner
  • Free airflow eliminates mold and mildew worries
  • No more creatures finding their way in and not out again

If you’re getting ready to install a pool enclosure, we’ve got some tips to share so you are sure to be enjoying the space for years to come.

First and foremost

Before reaching out to contractors and seeking bids, you need to determine what the layout of your enclosure will be.

If you live in a subdivision governed by a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), reach out to them to ensure that building your pool enclosure is even permitted! HOAs are known to have strict rules and regulations and don’t hesitate to enforce them to the fullest.

If you don’t immediately get the green light, take the time to go through the process and state your case as to why pool enclosures benefit homeowners. You could be instigating a change that benefits the entire neighborhood.

Look for red flags

When it’s time to consider who will do the build, there are definitely signs to look for steering you away from bad contractors before taking the time to reach out. Due diligence is worth every bit of time spent to avoid the risk of being taken advantage of by a company led by someone who is more concerned with filling their pockets than the finished product.

Here’s where to start.

State or city licensing boards

Both entities should accommodate you with a list of contractors holding business licenses. The list should include a breakdown of those who are and aren’t in good standing.

Online review boards

Google My Business, Angi, and others provide homeowners with information from customers who rate a contractor’s overall service. There may be local review boards in your area worthy of checking out as well.

You can discover whether or not they are punctual and finished the job within the allotted time period. Also, should they “surprise” customers with hidden expenses along the way, rest assured that will come out in these types of forums as well.

We’ll note here that if you are reading rave reviews and suddenly come upon a rash of the opposite, keep in mind that some people use these boards as a form of sabotage.

Check out their social media

Contractors who openly bad-mouth clients, employees, or vendors should be avoided. Period.

That’s no way to act.

Good to go

Just as you can weed out the bad before reaching out, you can determine the names of some reputable companies to consider for your pool enclosure installation. When using quality materials coupled with a sound build, your family will enjoy the space all year long.

Some key checkpoints that will point you toward who you will hire include these.

Word of mouth

If you know someone who has recently enclosed their poor or lanai, ask them if they would recommend using the same contractor. Word of mouth is considered golden in the advertising realm—and it doesn’t cost the company a cent! Having a good reputation speaks volumes.

If you don’t have the word-of-mouth option, hit the review boards and search for a few of the “good guys.” Check out social media accounts to see what the public has to say about them too.

Checking the list

Again, looking into contractors who have obtained business licenses to work in your area is an excellent resource.

Don’t choose one, choose three

Rather than grabbing a name and running with it, choose three and reach out to ask a few questions.

You will want to determine several things during the call.

  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured? If not, hang up. The odds are it’s a fly-by-night company that will likely take advantage by cutting corners and shoddy workmanship.
  • Will they supply references?
  • Do they enter into a written contract? Again, if that question is brushed off or played down, we suggest you hang up and move on.

When you have a list of three companies that meet your qualifications, have them come out and provide you with a written estimate. Compare the three and make your final decision from there. Actually, we’d suggest throwing out the lowest bid and, then, deciding between the remaining two. It’s a good rule of thumb practice to consider using.

Pulling it all together

After your enclosure is up, add those finishing touches to create the ambiance you desire. Lighting goes a long way—and from now on, you won’t be drawing every insect within miles when you turn them on!

If you are purchasing new furniture, the longer you wait after Labor Day means better and better prices. You have fewer selections, true, but online shopping gives you a wide array of choices nonetheless. We have no doubt that your end result will be the absolute best place for spending time with friends and family for a long, long time to come.