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7 Ways to Weather the Cold in your Gazebo This Winter

winter gazebo

In the colder months of winter, there is no reason to discontinue the use of your gazebo. It can be the perfect place to enjoy amazing winter scenes—from the beauty of ice-covered trees that sparkle in the sun, to rolling snow dunes stretched across the landscape. You can turn your gazebo into the perfect winter escape with these seven ways to weather the cold in a gazebo.

Glass window system

Enclose your gazebo in a glass panel window system to create a room with a view. Not only will a glass enclosure keep the wind out and the warmth in during chilly months, it is also a great way to relax – insect-free, during the summer. You will discover a variety of style options from sliding panels with screens to fixed window options. Transforming your gazebo into usable living space is a great way to enjoy all four seasons. Also, consider the added value of your property with a year-round gazebo, if you should decide to sell.

Infrared heating

No need to worry about dangerous fumes with an electric infrared heater – a safe way to stay warm on chilly days. Infrared heat can turn your summer gazebo into a warm and comfortable space year-round.  Additionally, you will find plenty of options after deciding how much BTU or heat is required for your space. Outdoor heaters come in a variety of styles, from a hanging heater fixed to the ceiling or a portable standing heater to add warmth just where you need it.

Fire pit

A fire pit located near your gazebo provides heat and ambiance for entertaining friends and family. This is a great option for milder winters, where a fire pit or Chiminea (a free-standing fireplace) can also double for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. HGTV offers safety tips along with a variety of fire pit designs to enhance your backyard gazebo experience. Since fire pits are affected by the wind, many homeowners use a fire pit to warm oneself before retreating back into the gazebo, or on nights where a burning is simply an enjoyable experience.

Patio heater

A patio heater is a great option for heating your gazebo. Patio heaters are available in an endless variety of styles and sizes to fit any budget. The electrical, free-standing patio heaters are economical and do a very good job at heating small spaces. Of course, considerations for wiring of an outdoor plug may be prohibitive. If so, and for larger gazebo spaces, a liquid propane or natural gas patio heater is also an option. Of course, ventilation is crucial with models that burn combustible fuels.  Natural gas patio heaters are available as ceiling-mounted, in-ground, or free-standing models.

Hot tub

One way to take your gazebo to the next level is to install a hot tub or outdoor spa. As a unique way to use your gazebo space, a hot tub will require a sturdy platform, electrical wiring, and waterproof decking. For a new gazebo installation, adding these features would be a good idea. With adequate space, a gazebo can be the ideal location for your new hot tub. Today, outdoor living combinations are available that put the covered gazebo with hot tub in one easily installed package.

Gazebo canopy

For climates where the weather is not extreme, a canopy may be all that is necessary to protect your guests from the elements. The tented gazebo will block the chill from the winds while keeping an open view towards the sun. When you use insulating material that is professionally installed, a gazebo canopy can remove the chill for a relaxing day.

Blankets and cozy furniture

Opt for natural fabric outdoor furniture with warm blankets for snuggly warmth on chilly days. Fleece, cotton and soft wool make excellent blanket choices for outdoor warmth. It may be best to avoid metal furniture which can be extremely cold or hot and opt for wood or a composite material. This is an economical option which can also add style to your gazebo decor.

As the trend increases towards using outdoor spaces for entertaining and family time, consider adding a patio heater or other methods to take your gazebo from summertime to year-round.