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7 High-Tech Backyard Gadgets You Need


Living in Florida has many benefits. Our subtropical and coastal climate allows those of us living along the peninsula to enjoy time in our backyards throughout the year. We may need a jacket during cool winter evenings or an umbrella during those summer storms, but we never have to abandon our outdoor paradise due to snow like our friends elsewhere.

New gadgets offer even more comfort and convenience for our time at home and in our backyard. Earlier blog posts have described some cool and innovative products that are now available. Continuing this discussion, in this post we introduce seven additional products that you may want to consider to add comfort and pleasure for those backyard gatherings with family and friends by the grill, in the pool, on the patio, or while relaxing in your favorite lawn chair.

Many of these items also make perfect companions for picnics, camping trips, or other journeys. Whether you enjoy your leisure time at home, in the park, or along the shoreline, these gadgets are worth a look.

Cooling companions

Many people stay indoors as summer heat and humidity take hold in Florida. For those who want to enjoy some cool moments in their backyard, Sharper Image has a couple of options that bring comfort during those balmy days. The outdoor misting fan is an excellent choice for those with a nearby AC outlet and garden hose. Three settings allow varying levels of mist that will cool without getting anyone wet. A second option, the portable evaporative cooler, delivers comfort by chilling water that is poured into its 1.5 gallon tank. Activate the remote control and chill out.

Cookout cleanup

Sharper Image also offers a handy gadget for all of those who love to grill but hate cleaning. Similar to robotic vacuum cleaners that roam around our floors, the company’s automatic grill robot cleans the surface after everyone has enjoyed their barbecue dinners. Simply place the robot on a warm or cool grill, press the button, and the robot’s wire brushes clean the grill.

Bright views

Anyone who has ever brought their old television outside to watch their favorite shows knows that bright sunlight makes the viewing difficult. SunBrite TV offers weatherproof televisions that provide excellent resolution in everything from shady patios to areas where the sun shines brightly. The company also stocks a variety of accessories for mounting and covering your television, as well as outdoor speakers suitable for our Florida climate.

Quenching that thirst for the outdoors

For those who entertain in their backyards and enjoy tapping their beer, Kegerator has outdoor pouring options that will keep the kegs cool and the brews flowing. Perfect for a patio area, Kegerators are manufactured from stainless steel and other durable products that are crafted for outdoor use.

Floating tunes

The floating speakers available from Ivation connect with any Bluetooth-operated device and most smart phones. Operating on 6 AA batteries, the waterproof device floats in a pool while keeping the speakers above the water. The mood lighting from these speakers is a great addition while listening to tunes in the evening.

A truly cool cooler

Great for picnics, camping excursions, fishing trips, or just chilling in the backyard, the Coolest Cooler has everything one could need in an easy-to-carry container. More than a place to chill food and drinks, the cooler has Bluetooth speakers, an interior LED light, a blender unit, and a USB charger for your phone or device, along with a bottle opener and concealed storage area for your keys and small devices.

Enlightened pest control

Love your Florida backyard but hate those mosquitoes? Thermacell offers attractive outdoor lighting options that allow you to enjoy time outdoors without using repellent and swatting the bugs. The company’s battery-operated lanterns create a 15-foot comfort zone that keeps mosquitoes and other annoying flies away while offering ample light for those twilight and evening picnics and gatherings. Thermacell also sells torches that cover a similar range. These handy lights can sit comfortably near your patio furniture and are light enough to pick up and take with you for camping trips or outdoor events elsewhere.