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Install a Screened Lanai and Stay In Your Budget

install screened lanai budget

It’s hard not to start thinking about the holidays this far ahead of time since we are barraged with the sights—no sounds yet around here though—of Christmas at every turn. Entertaining for the holidays this year? If you’re gathering family and friends together this season, a screened lanai would make the celebration more festive! It’s a great time of year to get the job done too.

The weather doesn’t really cause construction to slow down during the winter months here. Still, some companies may be offering discounts because things do tend to slow down during the onset of the holidays. We get that. There’s a lot of shopping to be done!

Living in Florida, the odds are in our favor that we can spend time outdoors throughout the holiday season. What if you brought the outdoors in, so to speak? A screened lanai doesn’t just create a cozy, private environment—it’s as if you’ve added an entire room to your home! Perfect for gathering with family and friends you hold close to your heart.

Moreover, if you choose to work with a company that offers a customization feature, your going to be enhancing your environment even more! Imagine welcoming your guests into your new private getaway. What a moment!

How does customization work?

Digital imagery is the key. Ultimately, it’s so easy. You choose an image—one from your own library or choose an image from the company’s catalog. The image is reproduced directly on the screens using dyes treated with the latest developments in ultraviolet (UV) protection. Your screen images remain vibrant for years to come.

Worth the investment

Having a screened lanai will provide your family with a number of benefits that we want to bring to your attention. Once you understand the beneficial value, it helps weigh the expense of installation. As a matter of fact, we believe they prove your screened lanai is a worthy investment. Well worth every penny you spend and then some!

Here we go.

• Privacy—Homeowners report not realizing the effect that the added sense of privacy adds to their lives. Some wish why they hadn’t waited so long to add their enclosure!
• Keeps bugs out—That’s all types of bugs, even the noseeums. Seriously. And, mosquitoes, too, so put those repellants away for good!
• Provides protection from the elements—That’s self-explanatory, yeah?
• Blocks dirt and debris—You’re going to enjoy the fact that you don’t have to clean up after every storm—or break out the broom when someone forgets to point the lawn mower away from the lanai.
• Safety feature—Children and pets can enjoy being out for some fresh air safely. There are even lockable door options for added safety.
• UV protection—While a screened lanai doesn’t block 100% of the sun’s dangerous rays, it cuts down on them for sure! We, Floridians, can appreciate that fact.

If you’re thinking about expanding your floor space after you consider all the benefits you and your family will gain, it makes now the perfect time to go for it! There are many economical flooring options. You can explore them on your own or reach out to a company you’re considering working with for help.

This is a good time to mention, too, that your new enclosure is going to stand up to hurricane-force winds.

Just saying.

Two more reasons to install a screened lanai

We mentioned shopping above. We want to share that providing your family with a room addition to your home is—not that we expect you to put the cost on a card—priceless! We can nearly guarantee that your new addition is going to become the favorite “room” in the house. They’re the perfect place to hang out for family game night. Moreover, eating outdoors sans the onslaught of flies is a luxury even in itself! Maybe this is the family gift that you’ve been looking for!

If you’ve chosen to work with a company that offers customization, considering the perfect decor to enhance the getaway environment is going to be a lot of fun! Pillows, throws, outdoor rugs… all at discounted prices. Are you rubbing your palms together and wiggling your fingers in anticipation of web surfing?

We’ll mention, too, that it’s the perfect time of year to look for furnishings and decor because even though we don’t suffer from cold temperatures the way the rest of the country does, manufacturers and businesses stick with the marketing techniques. These items typically go on sale after Labor Day and are marked down even lower periodically. Couple that with online shopping options—remember, it’s the season of free shipping—and the “enclose the lanai” side of the triple-beam scale drops even lower, doesn’t it?

One more thing. We’ve established the fact that your addition is likely to become everyone’s favorite spot in the house. Still, we have to mention this:

As you weigh the decision—enclose or not—consider the memories you’ll be making there. Whether you’re gathering with friends and family over the holidays, having a pool party on the 4th of July, or just hanging out on a rainy Sunday afternoon, you’re going to remember the days for the rest of your life.

Enjoy making those memories.