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Installing Lanai Screening? Avoid These Mistakes

installing lanai screening avoid mistakes

If you’ve spent an evening with friends or family who has installed lanai screening, did you notice the lack of bugs and mosquitoes nearby? Enjoying an evening outdoors without having to coat yourself in bug repellant is something worth remembering around here. That’s not even the main reason that homeowners choose to enclose the lanai area! Still, it’s an important one nonetheless. In fact, it may even be the reason that you’ve decided to install lanai screening yourself!

In case you’re wondering, the number one reason that homeowners enclose their outdoor living space is for an added element of privacy. Even though privacy screen doesn’t provide a total escape from prying eyes, the difference it makes is pretty amazing.

Lanai screening provides other benefits, as well, such as a bit of ultraviolet (UV) protection and a safe space for young children to play outdoors without constantly being under your watchful eye. You can enjoy some time reading a book or spend a little time scrolling social media accounts without worrying about losing sight of the kids.

Whatever your reasoning is, you and your family are sure to enjoy your new space. However, to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the end result, make sure you avoid making the following all too common mistakes.

Be responsible with your budget

Times are tough economically—and not likely to get better in the immediate future—so remaining true to your budgeted expense may be more important than ever. Some companies may try and sway you into upgrading your plans, but, of course, that means the expense goes up too. A contractor worth his salt won’t flinch at being presented with your final dollar amount and figuring out a way to make your dream a reality.

You’ve probably done a quick study and are in the ballpark as far as cost, right? The key to finishing the project without dipping into funds earmarked for something else is to resist the temptation to change your plans mid-project. That goes for the enclosure itself and for the decor plans you had in mind.

Making this little change quickly adds to that little change and before you know it—there’s a whole lot of changing going on. It adds up in a hurry.

Don’t get chintzy though

Sticking to a budget, and keeping it well within a comfortable range, is important. However, you don’t want to be so focused on the cost that you’re willing to cut corners.

Don’t try and save a few dollars working with a less-than-experienced contractor. Due diligence is required on your part to ensure you hire someone who is known for their excellent work. Your time pays off in a job well done and, probably, amazing customer service along the way as well.

Skimping on materials is never a good idea either. You want to use the best because it adds integrity to the structure. That means you’re going to be enjoying it longer. It may cost a little more in the beginning but is well worth it in the long run.

Meeting hurricane standards

Florida is famous for its sunny skies, beautiful beaches, and sub-tropical weather forecasts. We know the weather can bring dangerous days too. The company that you work with should automatically mention the strict building codes in place here. Your new enclosure should be built to withstand hurricane-force winds. And getting a guarantee shouldn’t be overlooked. If the company fails to offer one, it’s probably best to end the conversation.

Never ignore local building codes

Your local city government is likely in charge of determining and enforcing any improvement projects. If that’s the case, enclosing your outdoor living area will need to be approved by the city. Moving ahead without consulting the building codes in your area can wind up causing you to be fined for noncompliance.

When it’s all said and done

When it comes to installing lanai screening, taking the time beforehand to figure out a reasonable budget and pledging to stick to it is the first barrier to cross. Once you decide on a reputable company or local contractor to complete the project, you can pretty much just sit back and wait for the job to be completed.

Once it is, your new space will quickly become your family’s favorite gathering spot. The kids may even want to sleep there! Of course, now that school’s back in session, you may want to limit that to the weekends.

However you enjoy your new space, you’re sure to spend your time making memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy!