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Build the Dream Backyard: 25 Must Have Accessories

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Creating your dream backyard is a must-do home improvement project. And there are plenty of cool accessories and high-tech gear to transform your backyard into a family-friendly hangout or a modern backyard party center. Here are 25 cool accessories to build your dream backyard:

  1. Backyard movie theater – enjoy favorite movies on a warm fall evening or roll continuous music videos at your next backyard bash. This system includes a movie projector with HDMI, USB, and PC inputs; projector screens as large as nine feet; and easy set-up amplification speakers with a tripod stand.
  2. Combo cooler and table – no need to stray far for a cool beverage and no need for Styrofoam or plastic insulating containers. 3-in-1 cooler dining tables boast beautiful craftsmanship along with storage and concealed ice bucket units.
  3. Smores’s roasting rack – for use in the oven on on the grill, outdoor family fun nights just got easier with an all-in-one Smore’s grill rack.
  4. Patio umbrella light – create a mellow ambiance for quiet conversations or high-level lighting for your card games with friends. These inexpensive fixtures firmly attach to most outdoor patio umbrellas.
  5. Free-standing patio heater – stay warm on cool autumn days with an outdoor electric heater that is versatile as well as attractive. Some are tall enough and have an attached bistro tabletop for enjoying a cozy drink for two.
  6. Tabletop fireplace – enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace without the smoke and soot. These ethanol-fueled fireplaces have tempered glass screens for protection and can hold up to 3 hours worth of fuel.
  7. Keep cool wine glasses – constructed with a cooling liquid between double wall glass. One hour in the freezer will chill your wine in about two minutes while keeping the frost from your hands.
  8. Wireless electronic thermometer – for the medium rare steak and perfectly cooked chicken, these high-tech thermometers will send a message to your phone when food reaches the exact programmed temperature.
  9. Bird-watching photo booth – and inexpensive way to capture the musing of your feathered friends. Bluetooth connectivity sends close-up photos directly to your smartphones.
  10. Grill light with fan – keep the smoke at bay while the grill light allows for easy night-time viewing to cook perfectly grilled burgers and steaks. The universal clamping system attaches to most outdoor grills.
  11. LED outdoor furniture – perfect for outdoor decorating as well as being functional. LED furniture is available in multiple color options and furnishings. From an LED dining table to LED padded seats.
  12. Futuristic bug zappers – forget the Citronella torches and opt for a stylish electronic insect killer that blends beautifully with your furnishings – and doubles as an elegant night light.
  13.  Canopy swing bed – the perfect treat after a long day . Multi-functional, fully shaded and can serve as a swing or released to a bed hammock. Easy to assemble and compact enough to be placed on a deck.
  14. Stand-alone outdoor kitchen – no need for electricity with a natural or propane gas all-inclusive outdoor kitchen. Get your grill, 4 side burners, and warming rack in one portable unit.
  15. Double swing – fun for adults and kids. A strong wooden swing with ropes for hanging can comfortably seat two adults. Take childhood fun to another level with an oversized swing set.
  16. Automatic grill cleaner – cleaning the grill is a surefire way to regret your fun cookout. But, with an automatic BBQ grill cleaner, one push of a button will scrub and scrape a dirty grill clean.
  17. Foldable deck trays – while this may not be a high-tech gadget, attaching these around the perimeter of your deck rails will add usable drinking and dining accommodations.
  18. Glow backyard darts – keep the fun going throughout the evening hours with glow-in-the-dark darts and game board. Solar powered means incandescent or sunlight will keep this game charged and ready to go.
  19. Solar-powered tent – sleeping outdoors takes on a whole new light with a tent powered by the sun. Keep devices charged, lights on, and stereo blaring throughout the night, with space to sleep 4 people.
  20. Outdoor LED TV – what better way to enjoy the Friday night game experience than being outdoors. These TVs resist dust, insects, and rain – and temperatures to -25 degrees.
  21. Patio Heater – enjoy infrared heating while outdoors with a ceiling mounted, water resistant heater. Warm up the gazebo or hang from overhead ceiling to easily distribute heat with 120V connection.
  22. Sectional furniture – has a lower price tag over individual outdoor seating and makes your outdoor living space more home-like. Kick your feet up on one of the included ottomans and experience resort style outdoor living.
  23. Wireless outdoor speakers – indoor/outdoor waterproof Bluetooth patio speakers are a necessity for outdoor music amplification with high-quality sound.
  24. Multi-purpose cooler – imagine a cooler, blender, dish storage, Bluetooth speaker, and USB charger all in one cooler container. This one item can take the place of multiple backyard gadgets, and save you money.
  25. Underwater light show – turn your pool or outdoor spa into a dazzling light show display. One pool light randomly cycles through multiple light shows for pool party fun.

No matter the size of your budget or your backyard, there are plenty of high-tech, stylish, and fun accessories to build your dream backyard.