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Need a New View? Look At This!

need new view look at this

You really like the new neighbors. They’re quick to offer a helping hand and that’s certainly appreciated. Moreover, the kids struck up friendships on the day they moved in. You can’t beat that! Yes, the new neighbors are great. A little eccentric though. One example of that comes into view every time you step out back.

What a unique structure.

Frankly, the homemade enclosure isn’t as appealing as you hoped when you heard them describing their design plan a couple of weeks ago.

The kids love it though! They come home from playing next door raving about the backyard adventures it inspires, “It’s just like we’re camping in the wild!” You can’t disagree with that. There’s no denying that it appears as if they drew up their plans while watching their favorite survival series. And you can’t help but wonder where they went to gather all that natural building material.

Different strokes

Rough and ready isn’t your cup of tea though—mainly because you would much rather be sitting out on the lanai enjoying a cup as you wind down from the day rather than taking on any nighttime challenges that nature throws your way. Take mosquitoes, for instance. Their new structure provides a natural habitat more than it does protection. Especially, when they wet it down in the evenings.

They’re sure that will help keep it from drying out and becoming brittle as the temperature rises drawing closer to summer. You haven’t asked but wonder if that’s a “thing” in the state where they moved from. The city will likely call it nothing more than a fire hazard in a few short months.

Rather than letting a homemade structure or giant piles of “stuff” build a barrier between you and the neighbors, we’ve got a solution you ought to consider.

What appeals to you?

Take a moment to consider what it would be like to step out the back door and into an environment that instantly appeals to your senses. Somewhere beautiful, relaxing, and private. Where would that be? The beach? A beautiful flower garden? Standing near a cascading waterfall?

What if we told you there is a way to create a private getaway spot right in your backyard? If you’re one of the families choosing to forego the summer vacation this year, you might want to consider what a luxury enclosing your outdoor space can be.

A customized creation

Some companies that build screen enclosures offer customers a design feature that allows them to create a truly unique space for their families. Advancements in digital imagery technology make it possible to print any digital image directly onto the privacy screen used for the build.

The results are nothing short of fantastic!

Once you add your flare for decorating to the mix, you will have created a space that your family will flock to—friends, too!

Other benefits to enjoy

The main reason homeowners give for enclosing their outdoor space is to add another level of privacy. Screen enclosures don’t completely block the view of what’s going on on the other side of the screen. However, they do create an illusion of privacy that our brains tend to run with. In fact, some homeowners report they had no idea what a difference putting up an enclosure would make. If they had, they would have done it sooner!

And that’s just one of the benefits mesh screen enclosures provide. Moreover, living in Florida means you and your family will enjoy all of them year-round!

Bug-free area

The screen used to build your enclosure will be finely woven which allows air to flow freely throughout the space but bugs don’t come through them. That includes mosquitoes. Even those tiny—and extremely annoying—noseeums won’t get to you when you’re inside the structure.

A degree of UV protection

While screen enclosures don’t block 100% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, they filter through the screens and lessen your exposure. That means you won’t have to reapply sunscreen as often. That’s golden if you are putting an enclosure around the pool. You won’t have to pull the kids out of the water to reapply sunscreen nearly as often.

Another advantage that you gain is slowing down sun fade. Your stuff lasts longer!

Keeps the area clean

When storms blow through, you don’t need to tidy up before you’re free to enjoy the space again. Enclosures keep yard debris out in the yard where it belongs!

Safety features

When you’re pool is enclosed, you don’t have to worry about the kids or pets getting too close and falling in. Just lock the door when access is denied.

When you enclose your porch, lanai, or patio, you create a safe space for young children and pets to get some fresh air and sunshine but provides a safety barrier that keeps them from wandering off. You can take some time to scroll your phone or read that book you’ve wanted to get to without suddenly looking up to find yourself alone.

Speaking of barriers

If you’ve ever been surprised by a snake, gator, or small animal that’s come too close to the house for comfort, your enclosure provides a blockade. That won’t ever happen again… unless the door gets left hanging open anyway.

New view, same outlook

There is no need to stress about the way the neighbors choose to design their yard. It might drive a wedge in a beautiful relationship. If you’ve already got an enclosure up, you might consider replacing the one that gives you a view of the yard.

Creating a private space for you and your family to enjoy inadvertently strengthens your family bond. A beautiful relaxing environment fosters conversation, provides a great place for family game nights, creates a wonderful environment for friends to gather, and the list of positives can go on.

What can you add to the list?