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7 Awesome Party Ideas for Your Gazebo

7 Awesome Party Ideas for Your Gazebo

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

As Ella Fitzgerald reminds us, it’s almost summertime and the days will be long, hot, humid, and provide the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.

For those who have patiently waited all year for summer weather, sunny days where you have to squint due to brightness, and those sultry nights where you just want to lay outside in your gazebo—your time has finally arrived!

Your gazebo allows you the opportunity to host a number of different events for your friends and family to enjoy with you during the heat of summer. If you’ve never thought about using your gazebo for a party; consider this—your gazebo will allow dozens of people to enjoy the summer, relax, and talk about their lives and vacation plans. What better way to relax?

The following seven themes would make for great party ideas with your gazebo as the main venue.

Pizza Party

pizza party gazebo

For those with larger gazebos, there’s nothing stopping you from setting up a food table in the middle of it, ordering several extra-large pizzas, and enjoying a night of one of the world’s most enjoyable foods.

A number of benefits come with ordering pizza for your party.

  • You won’t have to spend hours cooking prior to your party, meaning everyone gets to enjoy it equally.
  • Pizza provides options for everyone from meat lovers, to vegetarians, to vegans, even those who like pineapple on their pizza—there is literally something for everyone.
  • You could also order a personal pizza for everyone, allowing each of your guests to customize their own pie.
  • Pizzerias often deliver drinks; some local pizzeria’s will even deliver beer and wine – streamlining the entire preparation process.

For those willing to go the extra mile, they can decorate their gazebo with pizza-themed lighting and play authentic Italian music. The only limitation here is your own imagination.

Barbecue Party

barbecue gazebo

Can you think of a more relaxing time with your gazebo than slow roasted ribs, gallons of iced tea, buttered biscuits, muffins, corn, mashed potatoes with gravy, potato salad, and a load of macaroni and cheese to enjoy with your friends on a summer afternoon?

While it doesn’t provide the flexibility for vegetarians and vegans and will require hours of preparation, this is a great option for those with some time on their hands to prepare a feast worthy of kings and queens.

Cocktail Party

cocktail party gazebo

Want to use your gazebo for a high-class theme? Why not?! Whether you want to have friends over to enjoy a few cocktails on a warm summer night, for a beer tasting, or a wine tasting – the summer is the perfect opportunity to make that happen.

When it’s warm outside, there’s nothing better than the feeling of a cold beverage which titillates the senses and delivers much-needed refreshment.

Allowing each guest to bring a surprise beverage for everyone at the gathering to taste will bring added enjoyment to the festivities and allow for some fun and interesting conversations.

Water Fight Party

water fight gazebo

Its summer and you’re never too old to have a water balloon or water gun fight. Your gazebo could provide cover, be used a place to dry off, or be used as a part of the game. Again, only your imagination sets the limits.

When the temperatures are hot out, this provides a fun and enjoyable way for everyone to cool off and enjoy the company of their old friends.

Outdoor Movie Night

outdoor movie night

Setting up a large movie screen is possible for those with larger gazebos and allows for a unique experience for you and your guests use a wide screen television to provide the best cinematic experience possible.

Movie night would be the perfect time to set up your privacy screen, not only to keep others from seeing what you are watching – the privacy screens will also keep any outside glare from interfering with the picture quality of the movie.

Using insect repellent, scent sticks, and well-placed fans will keep your guests protected from annoying bugs and rodents while they enjoy the movie. Movie night can come as the finale of a pizza feast or barbecue party as well.

Themed Party

themed party gazebo

Allow your imaginations to go wild, throw a themed party with your gazebo as the centerpiece. Are you a sports fan? Throw a party where everyone must wear gear depicting their favorite sports team. Are you into masquerade balls, classic movies, the 80s, or Hawaii? Then host a themed party! Don’t leave your gazebo out of the theme, feel free to decorate your gazebo with lights, decor, or even splurge for theme-specific privacy screens.

Game Night

board games gazebo

Whether you want to set up a wide screen for a video game night at the gazebo, enjoy card games, or you fancy charades—a game night theme would be a perfect way to enjoy a summer evening with your friends. Game nights can be combined with barbecue and pizzas parties, or provide the lead-in for movie night. This is an extremely flexible theme which will allow your guests to have a memorable night and thank you as the host.