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The Pros and Cons of Installing a Pool Screen Enclosure

pros cons installing pool screen enclosure

Life was sure a lot quieter before the rezoning decision allowing the mini-mall to go in across the street. Even worse than the noise, a section of the pool is visible from across the street as well. Being on display 24/7 is not an option you’re willing to live with. So far, though, you’ve spent a lot of time indoors. Your bestie recently installed a pool screen enclosure and ever since you saw it, you’ve been thinking that might be the answer to your problem.

If you’re dealing with an “on display” situation or just have an eyesore nearby that you would like to blot out of your sight, you’ll be happy to learn that an increased sense of privacy is the number one reason that homeowners choose to install a pool screen enclosure. Even though the screens don’t completely block the view, they create the illusion of doing so. And if you work with a company that offers their customers the chance to customize their screens using digital imagery, the illusion becomes even more of a reality.

The imagery is reproduced directly onto the screen itself using the latest dyes that are treated with ultraviolet (UV) protection. That means your image remains vibrant for years even under the intense onslaught of the Florida sunshine. The screen itself is usually treated with added UV protection as well.

Many pool screen enclosure companies, like ours, for instance, purchase their screen from Pfifer. Phifer, Inc. is the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening products. It’s been manufacturing products right here in the United States for 60 years.

There are other advantages to installing a pool screen enclosure and, as promised, we’ll share the cons that we can come up with as well.

Pros of installing a pool screen enclosure

In addition to a heightened sense of privacy, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

• UV Protection—The screen won’t block 100% of the sun’s damaging rays, but every bit helps! You won’t have to apply sunscreen as often. That’s going to make the kids happy, yeah?
• Keep pool cleaner—No more fretting when a storm blows up and you’re caught with the cover off of the pool.
• An extension of your home—You’ll find yourself hanging out by the pool even when no one plans to swim!
• Increases the relaxation factor—Sure, we could have tied that into the privacy factor, but it’s worthy of its own consideration. Seclusion equals relaxation—and if you add your own customized design to the thought process—You could feel as if you’re stepping into your favorite vacation spot every time you walk through your door.
• Blocks bugs—All of them! Imagine spending time outdoors without slapping at bugs and mosquitoes! Even the noseeums will have met their match!
• Less Chemical Evaporation—And if your chlorine is intact, it prohibits algae growth. Water evaporates more slowly too.
• May affect energy cost—The enclosure will help regulate the water temperature.

Cons of installing a pool screen enclosure

We said that we’d list the cons of installing an enclosure around your swimming pool area. We’ll admit it that it took a minute—especially considering the possibility of creating your own private get-away using a customization feature! However, we did come up with a couple of things that some would consider a “con.”

Here they are:

• An enclosure may limit your landscaping options. Depending on the size of your enclosure, it could leave less room for green areas.
• Your pool water is a bit cooler due to the decrease in sun exposure. Yes, we listed regulated water temperature as a pro, still, it’s worth mentioning that, overall, the water tends to be a few degrees cooler. That makes a difference to some people who like warmer water for swimming.

Another bit of information

It’s worth mentioning that a pool screen enclosure is included in the “hurricane strength” building codes put into place state-wide after Hurricane Andrew tore through the state back in 1992 demolishing nearly everything in its path. Your new enclosure will withstand strong winds, but you should probably store away the furniture or other large objects somewhere else during the storm. If they are blown forcefully into the screens, they could tear or become separated from the spline.

Odds are you won’t have even one regret about your decision to enclose your swimming pool—except, of course, that you didn’t do it sooner!