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Spooktastic Ideas to Dress Up Your Gazebo This Halloween

Halloween ideas for your gazebo

Create a spooktacular vibe by decorating more than just your front door. Whether you have chosen to go with a traditional orange and black theme, or you go with ghastly green, don’t forget to include your gazebo in your Halloween decorating plans!

Gazebos are perfect for Halloween parties for children of all ages. Add colorful lights to create a festive ambiance for evening cocktail parties or turn your outdoor space into a haunted house for the kids. Being an outside covered space, the sky’s the limit.

It’s not necessary to go all out with a scary design to enjoy the festivities. Orange and purple lights wrapped around the columns and rafters fill the area with spooky shadows. A few cornstalks and hay bales strategically placed around the gazebo give a touch of class to your fall theme when accented with classic Jack-O-Lanterns.

Change the theme slightly by including glow in the dark skeletons and mini-skull lights to creep out visitors. Consider lining the path with motion sensor ghosts and eyeballs to catch people by surprise. Keep it simple by carving creepy teeth into your pumpkins, or using paint to turn them into zombies, vampires and werewolves.

For those people out there that prefer Halloween over Christmas and fright night over egg hunts, there is no such thing as a limit to the awesomeness that Halloween brings.

Get ready to turn your gazebo into a mausoleum, complete with a full-sized coffin in the center. Wrap the entire gazebo in black plastic and add streamers for a door to seal out the light. With a mausoleum at the center, plant tombstones with foreboding epitaphs in the yard. Take it to the next level by adding spider webs to the tombstones. Don’t forget to add the spiders to the webs all around the inside of the mausoleum/gazebo to freak people out when they enter. Thanks to new spotlights, you can broadcast ghosts, witches or ghouls on various walls, trees or buildings.

If you enjoy making decorations from scratch, gather cheesecloth, plastic bags and fishing line. Make ghosts by stuffing the cheesecloth with plastic bags and tying off the head. Grab black foam poster board to make bats and scary rats. Use a bit of red paint to add blood to your creations and then hang them from trees, fence posts, railings and beams.

Fans of the zombie genre can add shredded fabric soaked in grease and fake blood to strategic locations. Dirt and broken boards with spike traps to keep the zombies out may scare away your squeamish guests. Make life-size scarecrows with zombie masks appear to pop out from behind trees and fences. Create a sensory experience by putting bowls of brains (peeled grapes), guts (cold spaghetti) and severed fingers (carrots in a touch of gelatin) in painted boxes. Challenge children of all ages to reach in the box to experience the full effect.

Music is the pièce de la résistance in Halloween decorating. For a casual adult soirée, choose soundtracks from classic sing-alongs like Rocky Horror Picture Show and even the Monster Mash to put people in the mood. There are plenty of haunted house CDs to add screams and creaking doors along with werewolf howls and moaning groans to your Halloween gathering.

If you are ready to scare the hardiest of souls, go with a fog machine and recruit friends or neighborhood kids to dress up as ghosts or zombies to sneak up on your party-goers.

Have a hauntingly Happy Halloween!