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How to Transform Your Gazebo Into a Romantic Valentine Getaway

Valentine gazebo

Thinking about a romantic surprise for your sweetheart or spouse? If you live where the weather is temperate, like right here in Florida, and you have a gazebo (whether temporary, portable or site built), transform your gazebo into a romantic Valentine Getaway. And if you don’t have a gazebo, you can even rent one for that special night.

Ask yourself a few questions.

  • Will the weather be good?
  • Is it private enough?
  • Does the area have a nice view?
  • Is it clean and inviting?

Think about your purpose? Is this to celebrate an upcoming anniversary? Is this a special date night? Are you planning to propose?

These questions will point you in the direction of how elaborate your transformation should be. Anniversaries and date nights can be simple. A proposal needs planning. You might need some professional help.

Another question to ask yourself, “Am I going to make this a surprise?”

A surprise may be more difficult to plan if it’s a wedding anniversary, and your spouse is in town just before Valentine’s Day.

Regardless of the circumstances, turning a gazebo into a Valentine Getaway will make memories.

Hearts and Flowers

String white rope lights beneath the roof of your gazebo. You’ll have a soft glow as sunsets come early in February.

Dollar stores offer great values for Valentine decorating. You’ll find hearts of all sizes. Buy the largest heart shapes that you can find and hang each heart, using red yarn, beneath each section of your gazebo. Get some red and white crepe paper. Cut streamers to hang on either side of the large hearts. Get heart-printed white napkins and a red tablecloth.

Use plain white melamine or Corel plates and some plastic wine glasses. Buy red and white cut flowers to make a centerpiece for the table.

White Lights Delight

Twinkle, twinkle the night away and pull out those icicle lights and put around the outside of your gazebo. Hang some small hearts from the lower lights using nylon cord so that they look suspended in midair.

Cover your table with a white tablecloth. Utilize a large candle globe to surround a large-diameter red candle. Use a couple of strings of battery-operated decorative lights on the table, twisting them around the candle globe.

Medieval Sit-Down Dinner

Create a medieval theme with triangular flags and white rope lights hung around the outside of your gazebo. Instead of red, create drama with deep blue and purple metallic fabric.

Use a rectangular coffee table for your meal surrounded by large pillows to sit on. (Hint: Cover the pillows with the same metallic fabric – cut two large rectangles of fabric and use rubber bands to secure them at the 4 corners.)

If you have brass charger plates, use them to help create medieval times. If not, layer plates to add drama. Use several blue and purple candles in globes.

Use a hibachi grill for kabobs. Serve red wine from copper Moscow mule mugs.

Finishing Touches

  • Create a custom playlist of your favorite romantic songs.
  • If you have a fire pit, plan on roasting marshmallows for dessert or make s’mores.
  • If you don’t have any outdoor heat, buy a small chimenea or cast iron patio fire pit as your present to your beloved (just in case, it turns cooler in the evening).
  • Splurge on a couple of taller potted palms for extra ambiance.
  • Burn a scented candle or use a small reed diffuser on the table.
  • Pick up a couple of chenille throws (usually on sale before Valentine’s Day) for a soft, romantic touch.