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What is Gazebo Screen?

gazebo screen

Gazebo screen can be made of a wide variety of materials, but the most durable type is made from fiberglass mesh, which is specially treated to withstand sunlight and harsh weather conditions. As you may have already figured out if you’ve visited a few pages on this website, we can even print anything you want on your screen. This means that instead of looking at boring black screens, or even the scenery around your property, you can enjoy literally any view you want!


So aside from that, which I happen to think is a pretty good reason on its own, why else might you want to install screens in your gazebo? Here are a few reasons:

They help keep bugs away

Just imagine the sun is beautifully shining, the day is quiet, you have gathered around as a family, and you are enjoying some sweet family time in your cozy open gazebo. Then all of sudden, you feel an irritating bite in your arm or leg and your perfect summer day is ruined. Well, without a gazebo screen, it is inevitable to have mosquitoes, wasps, flies, and other pests interrupting your sweet relaxation time and even sending your guests away from this paradise. Install a gazebo screen and enjoy your outdoor experience without disturbances from pests.

They offer flexibility

If you prefer your gazebo to be open at times and closed at others, then get a gazebo screen that is removable or can be opened. Some people prefer their outdoor gazebos to stay open so that they can enjoy a good breeze when spending time outdoors. With a gazebo screen that offers flexibility, your will get to enjoy the benefits of having both an enclosed and open gazebo at the same time.

They provide privacy

Open gazebos have no privacy at all because everyone can see through. On the other hand, screened gazebos are well enclosed to ensure you get as much privacy as you need even when enjoying your outdoors. You can use your screened gazebo as a place to get away from the rest of the world and do your private stuff without anyone bothering you. It is also a perfect place to hang out with friends and family without external disturbance.

They provide shade

Gazebo screens are perfect when it comes to providing shade within your outdoor paradise. They keep away sun rays and provide a cool outdoor environment that is almost similar to that inside the house. They are a great place to spend time at during the hot summer weather, especially if they are well ventilated.

Plus, if your gazebo tends to overheat during summer, there are sun-blocking screens that are available in various types. The sun-blocking screens help keep the sun’s heat away from the gazebo while still letting light to pass through. Some screens can prevent up to 90% of the sun’s heat from getting in to the gazebo.

They help block rain

It would be boring to have your sweet moments at an outdoor gazebo interrupted by rainfall because of the open setting. Gazebo screens keep the rain away; ensuring you continue to enjoy your fun time inside the structure without any interference. The screens also protect your interior furnishings such as chair cushions from being destroyed by rain water.

They protect against moderate wind

Gazebo screens also protect the occupants of the gazebo from winds that could interfere with the calm and tranquility of the paradise if it was open, or even blow away light materials such as note books.